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puckurtbigbang's Journal

Puckurt Big Bang
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Puck/Kurt Writing and Art Challenge

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The Puckurt Big Bang is an annual writing challenge focusing on the relationship between the characters of Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel from the television show Glee. Authors will complete stories of 15,000 words or more over the course of three months, and these stories are paired with artwork in a variety of media created by artists who claim the stories based on summaries.

Everyone is welcome to sign up, whether you're new to fandom and fanfiction/fanart or are a returning participant. More than anything, this big bang is a fun opportunity to write something different and to challenge yourself!

March 15–April 1 — Author Sign Ups
March 15–June 1 — Artist Sign Ups
April 1 — Writing Begins
May 1 — First Check-In
June 1 — Second Check-In
June 3 — Artist Claims
July 1 — Third Check-In
August 1 — Due Date!
August 6 — Posting Starts

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