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16 August 2014 @ 09:30 pm
[sticky post] 2014 Puckurt Big Bang Masterlist  

PKBB 2014 Participants

The following eight stories and their accompanying art/fanmixes are the completed works of the 2014 Puckurt Big Bang. Our continued thanks to all the authors, artists, and beta-readers who participated in this bang.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Asset

Author: patchfire & raving_liberal
Artist: mapgirl
Rating: Hard R/Soft NC-17
Genre: MCU crossover/action
Warnings: MCU-typical violence, spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1
Word count: 54303
Summary: Assigned to the S.H.I.E.L.D. hard-copy data repository—The Shoebox—for the last three years as its lone staffer, Agent Hummel wasn't prepared for the addition of one Specialist Noah Puckerman. He was even less prepared for the infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the subsequent rocketing of Agents Hummel and Puckerman into field work, with a vague assignment from Agent Melinda May: protect the asset. The problem is that Asset 309C-FCH [Codename: "Feels"] doesn’t even know he’s an asset.

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All Your Molecules

Author: greenglowsgold
Artist: lunaticaa
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy/Crossover
Warnings: minor illness-related body horror
Word count: At some point, Kurt thinks even Crysta will have to admit that there have been too many humans around lately. Puck's mostly of the same opinion, and would very much like to go home. (Ferngully Crossover)
Summary: At some point, Kurt thinks even Crysta will have to admit that there have been too many humans around lately. Puck's mostly of the same opinion, and would very much like to go home. (Ferngully Crossover)

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The Brother of My Dreams

Author: crazysnape
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, drama, fantastic
Warnings: Canonical death of a major character.
Word count: 39524
Summary: He was living in New York with his best friends, he was finally going to the school of his dream and had a wonderful fiancé. Life was perfect for Kurt, until a dreadful phone call. Losing people you love hurt and Finn's death froze them more than a slushie. Family, friends ... everything changed. Some people grew apart while others got closer than they would have never imagined

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The Devil Went Down To Ohio

Author: geeky_ramblings
Artist: raving_liberal
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Crossover
Warnings: Dubious Consent, Evil Blaine, Language, Major Character Death, Mind Control, Mind Games, Mindfuck, Mind Manipulation, Mild Violence, Not Blaine Friendly, Not Klaine Friendly, Not Rachel Friendly, Rimming, Underage Sex
Word count: 26,386
Summary: Puck senses there is something off about Blaine Anderson. Ever since the former Warbler transferred to McKinley all the students have been following him around like mindless zombies including his almost boyfriend, Kurt. With the help of Finn, his Uncle Bobby Singer, The Winchesters, and an Fallen Angel, Puck will try to save his friends and the man he loves

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Helping Each Other Grow

Author: melissa_maier90
Artist: moodilylit
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst/Comfort
Warnings: Mental/Emotional Child Abuse,, Child Neglect
Word count: 46,623
Summary: It’s senior year and Kurt and Noah are friends helping each other get through the year so they can head off to college together. Along the way their friendship becomes something more, something they both desperately want – a family.

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The Right Noah

Author: pterawaters
Artist: patchfire
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Word count: 17710
Summary: Noah Puckerman moved away from Lima before freshman year of high school, so he only knows Kurt as Finn's new stepbrother. Kurt reconnects with Noah when he believes Noah Puckerman to be the man his friend set him up with on a blind date. As their relationship develops, Kurt knows in the back of his mind that he's leaving town in a couple months, that this can't be permanent. Noah knows he's been looking for someone like Kurt for a long time. Now he has to decide whether to fight for what they have together, or to let Kurt go.

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Author: Amaradex (water_singer)
Artist: naryakiuxen
Rating: R
Genre: Urban Fantasy / AU
Warnings: Dubious Consent, Mild Violence
Word count: 18500
Summary: Kurt has always dreamed of bonding with one of the psychic bondwolves, of helping people with a friend always at his side. He just wasn't expecting to bond with a queen wolf, requiring him to be the heart of a pack... and deal with the difficult partner of his wolf's chosen mate. An Iskryne world AU.

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This Tainted Love

Author: patchfire
Artist: lunaticaa
Rating: R
Genre: Historical AU
Warnings: Minor character death, historical homophobia, AIDS, AIDS-related deaths
Word count: 17987
Summary: Fifteen years after their last three years of high school, Puck and Kurt have a life in San Francisco: jobs, friends, hobbies. The year is 1982, the neighborhood is the Castro, and AIDS slowly brings Puck and Kurt back in contact with people they left behind in 1969.

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